Engagement Models

Zeksta Technology Engagement models

Zeksta technology offers versatile engagement models designed for different types of web & app development projects. Each of these models can be customized to meet your specific business needs.
You will greatly benefit from our unique engagement model, which exhibits commitment from the planning phase to the delivery phase resulting in a successful project. We adhere to standard engagement models used by the world's leading service providers.
Choose the engagement model that best suits your business. Get in touch with us today!

Dedicated team model

If you are looking to develop a web application for your company, but don't have enough time to regularly communicate with each team member, this model is for you.
You can hire an entire team of dedicated developers, UI/UX designers & testers, special consultants, etc. for your project who will work as your own. In addition, a project manager will be assigned who will oversee the entire team and keep you updated on the project's progress.
This model gives you the freedom to choose the team you feel most comfortable with and pay only for the resources you use or hire.

Fixed time / Fixed price model

If you need to finish a project in a limited time frame, have financial constraints, or are about to start a new venture, this model is for you.
Under this model, the team evaluates all of the project requirements. Based on these details, they provide their clients with an estimate of the time and cost for the project development.
This engagement model has proven to be very effective and efficient for small and mid-sized projects. Also ideal for low-budget projects where the requirements do not change until the very end.

Time and material model

If you're working on a project with a constantly changing scope and requirements, especially when a relatively new technology is involved, our Time and Material model is perfect.
We offer our clients dedicated resources on a time and material basis. It's a great agile model that makes things flexible for the client, as they can determine the time & resources they need and would be billed on the basis of the resources they utilize.
We follow a weekly reporting system and charge the client based on the number of hours dedicated by each resource.

Frequently asked questions

We are trying to resolve your doubts before commencing with us. If you are still left with doubts, feel free to contact us.

How does billing work in the Dedicated Team/Developer model?

Billing is typically on a monthly basis. You pay for the dedicated resources working on your project, covering their salaries, infrastructure, and any additional agreed-upon costs. This model offers flexibility and scalability as you can adjust the team size based on project requirements.

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