We at Zeksta emerged out of experiences banked by our developers and designers. Yes! We are a team of developers, designers, and analysts, ready to deliver sensible yet attractive, innovative, and easy to operate web as well as software solutions for businesses.

Be it a start-up, SMB, or a giant enterprise, we have got solutions for everyone and we have served almost all the businesses since last 3 years together as a team. We are professional and friendly at the same time. So if you have any questions regarding our services or about us, just hit us up in a friendly manner at info@zeksta.com, and we will get back to you with straight forward answers as soon as we receive your mail.

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Our vision is to turn Zeksta into an enterprise serving complete 360 degree IT and software solutions to clients, be it big or mid-sized, across the globe. We want to reach people in need. We want to discover new solutions and possibilities using coding, languages, and web technologies.


Our mission is simple. We are simple too. And carrying this, our mission simply is to grow. Grow as a team, to grow as a company, to grow as well behaved human beings, and to grow financially.

All this is possible by serving our clients. So you can now see that how client focused we are. Ain’t we?

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Website Design Company Clients


We have served clients across the globe. Be it in the USA, UK, or Canada, we have got over hundred of clients across the globe..

And how did we find them?

Simply by Referrals. Yes, we have got hundreds of clients that come to us via referral or recommendations. We thus believe in keeping our clients happy. Also, our client retention rate over past three years has been around 79%. Isn’t that a whooping figure?


To run a business smoothly and to deliver projects before deadline, a proven process and its execution is required.

So what process do we follow?

We follow a really simple process called Agile. We gather requirement and resources, and we work in iterations. Small chunks of tasks, one by one, and here we go!

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